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 projects in development

Wee Wrap (working title)

is the third in a trilogy of non-text plays we are creating in collaboration with Theaterhaus Ensemble for two year olds upwards. This is the further adventures of our two cleaners in a museum of modern art who accidently get caught up in the art and end up making art. In this adventure they walk into a gallery with a lot of objects wrapped up just like the work of the artists Christo and Jeanne Claude. How are they going to clean it? 

Tooth Fairies searching for the tooth

For three-year olds upwards

An original idea

This is a sequel to “Wo ist Feenland?” (Where is Fairyland?) a show Anthony created with Jokk Mokk in Frankfurt following the adventures of Twinkle and Star. What you will discover in this show is that tooth fairies don’t just collect the milk teeth from human children, they collect the first teeth from the entire animal kingdom. They fly up high to get the giraffe’s tooth, they dive down deep to get the shark’s teeth, and look all around for the dog’s tooth. In return for the “tooth” they always leave something behind. But one night they come to the bed of a human child who won’t let go of her tooth until she finds out what they do with them. Will she find out the tooth?  


The Funny Club (Clown show)

An original idea


The local arts society, established in 1923, is putting on their annual summer exhibition. All the members of the society are allocated space to show their best works of art, which since 1969 includes performance art. There are prizes to be won, stirring up the competitive spirit amongst the society members which can bring out the best and worst in them. There is the artist who keeps their work under wraps until the final hour of the event who is displaying right next to “chick – hen” who encourages her chickens to paint their dreams, mostly with their feet. Next to her is “just-ice” an ice sculptor who has trouble with his ice melts and is very unpopular with the caretaker. Looking in from the outside they do look like a funny club but don’t mention that to them, because most of them take it very, very, very seriously. 


The children from the children's cellar:

a tale told by Pia Maria Tiralla, a Viennese nanny

(show for 7 year-olds upwards) 

based on Der Kinder aus dem Kinderkeller by Christine Nöstlinger 

They say it takes a village to raise a child – but what does the village look like and what do the children need?   

Pia Maria Tiralla watches the street children from her window as they disappear down into the cellar of a house which once belonged to Ferri Fontana, a special friend of hers, who drowned forty years ago. Down in the cellar the children meet the blue sorcerer, Ferri who grants them any wish they want; treasure, strength, intelligence, confidence, and all this just by looking into his blue round eyes. But the wishes never last longer than a dream and “puff” up they go in blue smoke. Pia Maria takes the children up into the world and through the red door of Mutta Anna’s music school and here they learn to play music with whatever they can find by blowing on combs and banging on lids. They meet Mr and Mrs Swetar, the butchers, and their son Anderl who needs saving from the blood red sausages they constantly stuff into his face. But here there is space for the children to play behind the butcher shop and they create a play space out of the ruins of an old bowling alley and as they plan a celebration to open it up, Pia Maria can see from the window that they look happy. 


This is a story that celebrates play, children and adults playing their part, playing together, playing apart.   

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