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new work

making new work

When we are commissioned to create new work, we explore the ideas “on the floor” in the rehearsal room with a group of actors, musicians, or dancers. Sometimes there might be a playwright in the process but we can also develop the script with a dramaturg who helps to structure the script as it emerges from the devising process.


“What a long and great ride! Thanks for all the time, ideas, trust and finally: for the Octopus Garden!” Susanne Freiling, artistic director Theaterhaus Ensemble


The excitement around creating new work is that we don’t know what the outcome will look like, so we are taking a journey into the unknown. Our greatest ally in this process is time: time to research; time to gestate ideas; time to stir the ideas around; time to play; time to get lost and time to find clarity. We can tailor this process to match the resources of the group, and we can begin with a week of research and development in a rehearsal room to begin the process.


If you say “yes” you are rewarding yourself with an adventurous journey.


“Thank you so much for this journey…you have been patient, relentless, tender, strong, consistent, compliant, loving, full of creativity and imagination…Above all I could always be who I am and it was okay…love it!!” Susanne Schyns, actress, Theaterhaus Ensemble.

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