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Our shows

Together we have worked with the Theaterhaus Ensemble and here are the shows that have come from our collaboration.


Minimal Animal for two-year-olds upwards. We were asked to create a show with two actors which had no words and could travel light so it would be suitable for international touring. We were asked to find the connection between the minimal music of Steve Reich and Terry Riley and our young audience. The show has toured in Germany and been presented in Norway at a Children’s Theatre Festival and a Contemporary Music Festival.


bli-blip for two-year-olds upwards. Following on from the success of Minimal Animal we were asked to create another show without words which brought together the art of Piet Mondrian with his love of Jazz  musicand make it accessible for young children. bli-blip premiered in March 2022 and on the strength of this we will be returning in 2025 to complete our trilogy of shows for this young age group.


Der Garten des Octopus for seven-year-olds upwards. We were asked to create a show which combined animated projections and theatre and use as a starting point Isabella Rossellini’s book and films “Green Porno” with a later addition of Sy Montgomery’s, The soul of an octopus. This show premiered in May 2022 and is now in the Theater Ensemble’s repertoire. 

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